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Watering the Garden

We offer a wide selection of high-quality organic products sourced from within Malawi as well as carefully selected imported items. From organic fertilizers and pesticides to seeds and farming equipment, we offer a range of products to support your organic farming needs. Additionally, we provide application programs and guides to help you make the most of our products and optimize your farming practices. Shop with us for affordable and effective organic solutions and all the support on how to use them.

Organic Farming Training

Organic Farming Training: Learn essential techniques such as composting to create nutrient-rich soil amendments that promote healthy plant growth.

Dive into the world of Korean Natural Farming and discover the power of Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) and Fermented Fruit Juice (FFJ). These natural inputs harness the beneficial microorganisms found in plants and fruits, enhancing soil fertility and plant health.


Gain hands-on experience, practical knowledge, and the skills needed to implement these organic farming methods effectively. Join us and start your journey towards sustainable and regenerative agriculture.

Organic Compost

Organic Solutions

Indoor Flowerpots

Biophilic Design

Step into a world of natural serenity with our specialized indoor plant design services. Our team integrates plants and natural elements to create harmonious environments that enhance well-being, productivity, and creativity. Elevate your space and reconnect with nature as we bring the beauty of the outdoors inside.

Cannabis Consulting

We offer a comprehensive cannabis consulting services with expert guidance in every step of the cultivation and processing journey. Whether you're a novice or an experienced cultivator, we provide personalized advice tailored to your specific needs. From optimizing cultivation techniques to implementing efficient processing methods, we're here to enhance your success. Additionally, we assist clients in achieving certifications, ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. Trust our team of cannabis consultants to provide invaluable insights and strategies, helping you navigate the complexities of the cannabis industry and unlock your full potential.

Plant & Irrigation System

Irrigation Engineering 

We help you optimize your agricultural outcomes with our specialized irrigation engineering. Our adept team excels in designing and setting up farm irrigation systems, meticulously selecting the best-fit pumps, pipes, and emitters. Crafting personalized watering schedules aligned with your crops' distinct needs, we boost efficiency and growth. From water conservation to amplified yields, our expertise spans the spectrum.

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