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Let's Get Dirty! 

Training Programs 

Our training programs perfectly blend old farming techniques and modern innovation. Educate yourself and your team on the power of organic farming by harmoniously integrating time-tested practices with cutting-edge techniques. Elevate your gardening skills and achieve exceptional results through our organic approach, rooted in the best of both worlds. Join us on a journey of sustainable cultivation and share our vision to create healthier food for all. Contact us if you are intrested in any of our training programs. 

Garden Soil
Garden Soil

Soil Saving

Discover the magic of soil stewardship in our 'Save the Soil' training programs. Unearth the ancient wisdom and modern techniques behind organic soil amendments like Terra Preta, a secret of Amazonian Indians, harnessing the power of bio-char. Learn the art of composting, transforming kitchen scraps and agricultural waste into garden gold, and master the Japanese Bokashi method, fermenting waste into nutrient-rich compost. Cultivate a sustainable future and revitalize the Earth, one garden at a time.

Korean Natural Farming: Harnessing Nature's Bounty." Unlock the secrets of KNF ferments, including FFJ, FPJ, and Lactic Acid Bacteria. Discover how to harvest beneficial microorganisms from the environment to enrich your garden. Dive deep into the art of creating liquid gold with worm tea, a potent organic elixir. Elevate your gardening skills and embrace the power of sustainable practices inspired by Korean Natural Farming. Join us on this transformative journey to nurture thriving gardens and a healthier planet.

Domestic Waste Bin

Korean Natural Farming Techniques 

Poultry Manure for Commercial Maize/Corn Production

Join us in bridging the knowledge gap on harnessing poultry manure's potential as a cost-effective alternative to expensive fertilizers in Malawi. Learn optimal application timings and quantities to unlock its full potential. We offer tailored cultivation and nutrient-feeding strategies for commercial use, empowering companies to reduce or eliminate fertilizer dependency, fostering sustainable agricultural practices, and nurturing abundant harvests. Be part of the green revolution, maximizing productivity while minimizing costs.

Introducing our transformative Permaculture Design training program! Learn to craft a harmonious farm layout using nature's wisdom. Explore guild planting, fostering symbiotic relationships among crops and maximizing yield. Master the art of swales, contouring the land to conserve water and nurture healthy ecosystems. Dive into zoning principles, strategically organizing your farm for optimal efficiency and resource utilization. Embrace regenerative practices, cultivating abundance while respecting the Earth's rhythms. Empower yourself with the knowledge to design a thriving and sustainable farm, fostering harmony between humans and nature. Join us in shaping a greener, more resilient future through Permaculture Design!

Permaculture Design

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